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Smith Immigration has helped employers and workers obtain temporary visas (H-2A, H-2B), specialty occupation visas (H-1B, E-3), training visas (H-3), and more (E-1, E-2, O, P, EB-5, etc.). Whether your needs are temporary or permanent, our office can help examine the options and make cost-effective short- and long-term plans for each situation.

Additionally, our office has worked with employers of all sizes facing scrutiny of hiring documents. Federal law requires employers to complete an I-9 form for each new employee hire within three days of employment. The State of Colorado, and several other states, imposes additional requirements on employers with each new hire. We can offer suggestions to your business on how best to keep these records and complete the forms to minimize risk to your business. Also, we have advised businesses facing audits of their files. However, we prefer to work with businesses on the front-end, training and educating those who make hiring decisions, to avoid problems later.

Please contact us if we can help your business obtain visas for qualified workers or audit your hiring compliance procedures.


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