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Immigration Q&A

An experienced immigration lawyer will:

  • Understand your situation, stay current on the law, determine which process is appropriate, and how to get the best outcome for you
  • Make sure your application is complete
  • Save you time and money by knowing how to navigate immigration law

Our experience with all types of immigration cases, visas and processes, allows us to give you a comprehensive and realistic assessment of options and costs.

Lawyers are held to the highest standard of professional service and are licensed to practice law by our state bar associations. Consultants who are not lawyers are not permitted to complete immigration forms, cannot provide legal advice, and cannot represent you.

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve the best results to improve their life. We will represent you in your request for lawful status and persuade the Government that you meet all the requirements it has set out in law. We help you gather evidence to prove the criteria required and present this evidence in such a way that it maximizes your chances of success in your visa application. We have many years of expertise, experience, professional memberships and connections, resources, and continuing education to achieve the best outcome for you.

You are responsible for any applicable non-refundable Government filing fees, which vary depending on the process(es) you choose.

No. No lawyer can guarantee success. We can make sure that we apply all of our experience to achieve the best outcome. We recognize that any immigration process will impact your life, your family, and your job. All of these can be jeopardized in an immigration case that is not handled professionally. We enjoy a very high rate of success with our applications and will review with you all the options of any process before you decide to proceed.

Yes. However, our lawyers understand the information that is required and how to provide the information in an orderly and professional manner so that you receive the best results.

Clients are responsible for communicating truthfully and timely with their attorneys about contact information, questions, concerns, and changes in circumstance. You will have to provide information and evidence when requested to work as a team with your attorney.

The choice is yours; however, peace of mind is worth a lot!

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