DACA renewal trouble

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Have you had trouble with USCIS accepting your DACA renewal application? Many people reported mail delays prevented their renewal applications from arriving at USCIS by the October 5th deadline. Until now, USCIS has refused to accept them, even though USPS has identified delays. Others got their applications to USCIS by the deadline but found they were not “processed” until October 6th. Repeated re-filings with proof of delivery by the deadline have proven fruitless. However, USCIS announced on November 15th they will accept renewal applications which are resubmitted with proof the application was “mailed in a timely manner” and the cause for receipt after the deadline was the USPS’ mail service delay. They also announced they would process applications that were received at the correct filing location by the deadline and were erroneously rejected. You can read their full press release here. If you feel you may have been affected by one of these issues, we recommend you seek legal counsel to get it resolved.