We Moved!

We are open for business at our new location. The address is 823 Blake Avenue, Suite 202. We are in the Blake Professional building, next to the old library (new Youth Zone) and behind the Methodist Church.

We worked tirelessly over the weekend to move into our new home. We hope you’ll stop by and say hi and check out our new digs.


Sandra’s Story

As many of your know, we have been fighting the removal of a client, who is now in sanctuary at a local church property. Western Slope Now just did another story on her, which appeared in the local evening news. You can see it here.

Immigration Only Attorneys

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about immigration attorneys and ethical violations. The basics of the article imply that attorneys who practice immigration law, along with many other types of law are more likely to have ethical complaints against them. On the flip side, attorneys who SOLELY practice immigration law are more likely to abide by the ethical obligations of the law. Immigration is a complex legal system, one which requires in depth knowledge about many facets of the system. We are proud to say we are immigration only practitioners. We strive to know every nuance of the complex laws and how to navigate them. We give honest answers and return unearned fees. You can read the WSJ article here, if you’re a WSJ subscriber, or you can read an American Bar Association article here that presents many of the same points. Know who you are hiring and do your research when hiring an attorney.

DACA renewal trouble

Have you had trouble with USCIS accepting your DACA renewal application? Many people reported mail delays prevented their renewal applications from arriving at USCIS by the October 5th deadline. Until now, USCIS has refused to accept them, even though USPS has identified delays. Others got their applications to USCIS by the deadline but found they were not “processed” until October 6th. Repeated re-filings with proof of delivery by the deadline have proven fruitless. However, USCIS announced on November 15th they will accept renewal applications which are resubmitted with proof the application was “mailed in a timely manner” and the cause for receipt after the deadline was the USPS’ mail service delay. They also announced they would process applications that were received at the correct filing location by the deadline and were erroneously rejected. You can read their full press release here. If you feel you may have been affected by one of these issues, we recommend you seek legal counsel to get it resolved.

Bridge Detour Map

Check out the Post Independent’s interactive map for the bridge detour. It will show parking, road closures and bus routes. Be prepared and plan ahead. It WILL take longer to get anywhere in town. Please give yourself plenty of time to get to appointments, meetings and school. Be patient, it’s going to be a trying 95 days for everyone.

Denver Mayor Eyeing Reform

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and the city counsel are battling regarding executive orders and city ordinances, all in an effort to protect the rights of immigrants living in the country illegally. The Mayor’s stance is a little weaker than the city counsel’s proposed ordinance. You can read more about this in the Denver Post.

MA Ruling on Detainers

A Massachusetts high court ruled recently that local authorities have no legal standing to honor ICE detainers. This is a win for the immigrant community in that state. We hope other states follow suit soon. You can read more here.

Express Deportations Underway

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has issued a new order which as district judges to issue judicial orders of removal when we an inmate has completed their sentence. This measure speeds up the deportation process by taking the immigration court out of the equation. You can read more in the Miami Herald.