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Pitkin County’s Stance

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Pitkin County is formalizing their stance on immigration. They want to send a message to the immigrant community that they are welcome and valued. County employees will not ask about someone’s immigration status unless necessary. They will not provide ICE or CBP “non-public information” about a person. This is great to hear local authorities standing with the immigrant community. You can read more about this in the Post Independent online here  or in the newspaper.

Resistance Roundtable

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Liam will be joining Indivisible Aspen for the first Resistance Roundtable event next Tuesday, April 11 from 6-7:30 at the Pitkin County Library. The event aims to bring the community together to learn how we can press our congressional leaders. There will be a panel of community experts from Wilderness Workshop, ACES, and the Pitkin County Democrats. Think about big questions you’d like to ask and head to Aspen to learn about environmental and immigration legislation and their implications.

ICE update

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At a public meeting in El Paso Wednesday, the head of ICE for Colorado confirmed there are no checkpoints or sweeps for enforcement, and there is NO plan to implement either. ICE reaffirmed it will not arrest anyone at sensitive locations such as schools and churches. Every arrest is for a targeted person – someone with aggravated felonies, sex offenders, recent DUIs, and national security.

Aspen Public Radio

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Jennifer recently hosted a community meeting at Bridges High School. Aspen Public Radio did a segment on the meeting, which you can listen to here. Bottom line is KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! You can pick up a Know Your Rights card at our office during regular business hours, 9:00 to 5:00.

ICE Activity Hotline

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TO REPORT RECENT ICE ACTIVITY OR POLICE/ICE COLLABORATION, PLEASE CALL CIRC’s HOTLINE at 844-864-8341. Leave a message with your name, city/town where you live, phone number, and brief summary of the story. Someone will be in touch with you within 5 business days. CIRC DOES NOT HAVE ATTORNEYS ON THE HOTLINE AND CANNOT PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE.

TU VOZ ES EL PODER, COLORADO TE ESCUCHA (Your Voice is Power, Colorado is Listening) is a project to collect stories of recent police/ICE collaborations and ICE activities in order to monitor what ICE is doing, see how new policies are impacting communities & their trust in the police, and gather evidence to support long term policy changes that further limit collaboration between local law enforcement and ICE.

CIRC’s ICE incident hotline – 844-864-8341 – is coordinated by a statewide network of volunteers trained to document testimonies of ICE/police interactions and to support individuals to navigate and fight their own deportation cases. If you would like to become a documenter, please contact Sophia Clark at

Interfaith Statement

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Interfaith Immigration Statement on Solidarity and Sanctuary

“Love the stranger as yourself.” (Leviticus 19:34)

As faith leaders and congregations of the Roaring Fork Valley, we stand together in affirming our solidarity with our immigrant congregants, neighbors and community members. Immigrants have always faced many challenges, and we recognize increased anxiety and fear among our immigrant sisters and brothers because of a recent rise in strong anti-immigrant sentiments and threats of mass deportations. We affirm our vigilance around the issues facing our immigrant neighbors. In solidarity with our immigrant families and other allies we are working to develop an action plan that includes:


We call on our counties, cities, towns and schools to support our immigrant families. We support local law enforcement and school officials in doing their jobs- protecting public safety and teaching our children- rather than detaining and deporting immigrants.

We are committed to working with a wide variety of community partners, from those who work with immigrant families to those who employ immigrants, so we can listen to and support our immigrant families as valuable members of our community. Examples of these community partners include: Access AfterSchool, Aspen Skiing Company, Aspen Community Foundation, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, Family Resource Center of the Roaring Fork School District, Roaring Fork PreCollegiate, Smith Immigration, Summit 54, The Manaus Fund and Valley Settlement.

We are proud that the state of Colorado is one of the safest states for immigrants to settle in. In Colorado, immigrants are afforded the right to hold a driver’s license and go to college without regard to their legal status.


As representatives of religious institutions with unique resources and deep moral values, we will explore the creation of one or more sanctuaries here in the Roaring Fork Valley. We aim to do so in advance of any changes in federal law or ICE enforcement priorities so our immigrant families don’t have to live in a constant state of fear and uncertainty.



Father Bert Chilson- St. Stephen Catholic Church, Glenwood Springs

Rabbi David Segal- Aspen Jewish Congregation, Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley

Reverend Shawna Foster- Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist Church, Carbondale

Brad Walston, Pastor- Basalt/Thomasville and Carbondale Community United Methodist Churches

The Reverend E. Wendy Huber, Rector & The Vestry on behalf of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Glenwood Springs

John Bruna and Laura Bartels on behalf of Way of Compassion Dharma Center, Carbondale

Reverend Nicholas Vesey, Minister at Aspen Chapel

Father Rick Nakvasil, Pastor of St. Vincent (Basalt) and St. Mary of the Crown (Carbondale)